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B & B Wrecker and Recovery, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Bobby Hennis and his wife, Debra. B & B started with one conventional tow truck, and has now advanced to 30 towing vehicles. Bobby and his family have made a lot of improvements to the company, and have used the B & B name to help others in need. Bobby Hennis won newsmaker of the year in 2005 for his relief efforts during Hurricane Katrina, where he, and the help of donors from West Texas, took several 18-wheeler loads of food and supplies to victims of the hurricane.

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Bobby has always been passionate about B & B, and the companies/people he has established relationships with. Bobby is currently on the board for SouthWest Tow Operators, and holds a Master Tower’s license.

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He also trains potential towers and teaches Incident Management and Towing Safety courses in Texas. From all of us at B & B, we look forward to adding your company to our team, and to those who have been partners since 1985, we’re hooked on you.

Midland, TX.... Southwest Tow Operators Region 2 put on the 1st Annual Heavy Duty Brainstorming Session that promoted higher training standards for the Heavy Duty Training Programs in Texas. Bobby Hennis, with B&B Towing of Midland, coordinated the event, along with Tommy Anderson, STO Training Director, that had over 60 participants, of which included professional tow operators and firefighters from all over the area and state.

The event had over 6 scenarios of recovery that included many types of different equipment and heavy duty trucks, of which ALL were completely hands on by all participants, including the firefighters. The firefighters had their own exercises as well that was quite the learning experience for the towers as well. The event even had a full response scenario that involved towers and firefighters responding to a rolled over truck and trailer that even had a live person that needed the life saving teamwork of all involved, ending with a safe and professional recovery of the rolled over truck and trailer.

The event was sponsored by United State Auto Club (USAC), and other sponsors in the local area, that made the entire experience available to all participants free of charge, except their combined knowledge to bring heavy duty training to the next level. There was even a steak and potato lunch/dinner sponsored for all participants.

The firefighters and towers were so impressed with the training session that they demanded that more like this take place. Bobby Hennis, also a STO Representative for the Region 2 Board, took a resounding applause from the participants as they were entirely impressed with not only the setup of recovery equipment, bringing together fire and towers from all areas, and the location that the event was held, but also for the incredible way he allowed for ALL participants to get their hands dirty and pitch in on every scenario. Hats off to everyone involved for pulling off such a great and inspiring event and training session. Region 1 Director, Luis Macias, was also present and participated in the event. STO President Dan Messina, and Executive Director, Jess Horton were at the event as well.

Region 2 is planning on holding this event annually, as well as push to grow the event for even more participation in the future. They are already getting letters and calls from other towers and firefighters that want to be involved in the next session. Way to Go!!

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